Life Christian University

Bringing the LCU Program

to Your Church & Community

Please read a short message from our president and founder, Dr. Douglas Wingate.

If you are one of those ministers who senses the call to educate and mentor the next generation of ministry gifts in the Body of Christ, you can bring the LCU program to your church and thus to your community.

Some have said that you can't be a true success without raising up successors. In order for pastors to leave a lasting legacy, you must train elders and leaders to propel your heavenly assignment and then to carry on the work that you have labored so diligently to establish. The LCU Extension Campus program and the LCU Licensed Institute program can help you achieve those goals.

Your students would be required to fulfill 72 hours of Ministry Practicum (Ministry of Helps) per academic year as part of their undergraduate degree programs, a great way to increase participation in your church's ministry by your members.

We have an FAQ concerning launching and operating an LCU extension campus that will answer many of your questions.

Download an LCU Extension Campus Application Forms Package (PDF format)