Life Christian University

The Application Process

How to Enroll at LCU

You may begin taking courses prior to starting the official enrollment process. Simply go to the Begin Taking an LCU Course Today page and follow the instructions there.

To officially enroll at any time, follow the steps below:

  1. Submit an LCU Online® Student Application using one of the following methods:
    1. Use our online form to fill out the application and pay the $40 application fee using a credit/debit card.
    2. Download an LCU Online® Student Application, then print it out, complete and sign it.

      Send your completed and signed LCU Online® Student Application and a $40 check or money order made payable to Life Christian University to the address below. This amount will cover your application and assessment fee. This assessment is done to determine your academic standing and can be completed only after all your supporting documentation has been submitted.

      Admissions Department
      Life Christian University
      P.O. Box 272360
      Tampa, FL 33688-2360 USA

  2. You will receive an acceptance letter from LCU within several days. While you are waiting, you can begin to assemble the necessary documents from schools you have attended.

    • Obtain original, sealed, official transcripts or grade reports from each college, university, or institute of ministry you have previously attended. You will need an official sealed copy to send to LCU (Do NOT open the sealed envelope(s)!) You may want to order a second copy of each transcript for your own records.

      NOTE: If you opt to transfer such credits, only courses with a C grade or better will be accepted and they will be factored into your GPA at LCU.

      To help facilitate the request process, we have provided downloadable Transcript Request Forms which you may use for this purpose.

    • If you do not have College Transcripts, you may upload a scanned copy of any one of the following: your high school diploma, high school transcript, or GED certificate using our Upload Your Documents page. If you prefer, you can send this to LCU via snail-mail in the envelope with the rest of your application documents (see below).

  3. Download and read the LCU Online® Student Handbook & Course Catalog, then download, print out, and sign the Student Handbook Affidavit form. You may either scan it and send that image using our Upload Your Documents page or send it to LCU via snail-mail in the envelope with the rest of your application documents (see below).
  4. You may qualify for Bible Teaching Experience (BTE) credits for in-depth research and study of God's Word, as demonstrated in published writings or in teaching and preaching. See the BTE Application Form for details.
  5. If you are applying for BTE, or if you have college transcripts, or if you choose not to upload your Student Handbook Affidavit and proof of high school education, send the following documents in one envelope to the same address used in Step #2 above within 60 days of your acceptance letter:

    • Your signed and dated Student Handbook Affidavit
    • Your college transcripts or proof of high school education
    • If applicable, your BTE application and a $40 check or money order payable to Life Christian University for the BTE Application Fee