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Life Christian University — The World Leader in Ministry Education

Life Christian University

Life Christian University

The World Leader in Ministry Education

Since its founding in 1995, over 18,500 students have earned one or more degrees from LCU. For 22 years, Life Christian University has provided one of the most innovative approaches to ministry education ever devised.

From its international headquarters and main campus in Tampa, Florida, LCU has developed and implemented a Spirit-filled, Word-of-Faith curriculum and higher education system, which has been licensed to over 200 churches and schools throughout the world. This method has provided a localized ministry education and mentorship program designed to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to proclaim the life transforming power of God's Word.

Anointed, qualified ministers in each location provide the course instruction and mentorship. Most locations offer the full degree program but others are limited to a certificate of ministry program due to locally limiting laws. With over 120 current locations throughout the United States and the world, and now with the unlimited LCU Online® online-learning program, LCU has become the world leader in ministry education.